Calligraphy and hand lettering

We moved again. Not cities just houses. But I'm sure you will agree that's it's not any less stressful and tiring. With a lot of things going on, sometimes the craftsy side of me takes a back seat. We're still settling in and I think I'll take a few more weeks to fully unpack and get back to a stage where I'll not look for things in moving boxes.

Sunrise from our living room window

Our new place is full of floor to ceiling windows and let's in a lot of natural light. I've set up a crochet corner in the living room right by the window. I enjoy waking up early on weekends and sit there with a cup of coffee and crochet. I will take pictures of it and post them here next time. I recently decided to revive my interest in calligraphy and hand lettering. I didn't buy any new stationery at first and started working with whatever I had athand. It's only when I visited India last December, I bought a few hero fountain pens and drawing pencils. Recently I…

Hola mis amigas!!

🙏 When it's gray and rainy outside(which is pretty much the whole Winter in Vancouver), I like to be warm and toasty inside my house and knit/crochet by my window with my cuppa. It's good to be back on the blogland after a long time.  I'm currently working on a knitted blanket which my mum started when my niece was born but couldn't finish it. I have been trying to finish it since a few months and haven't found much time. But today I have picked it up from my basked of abandoned projects. 
A couple of days back I posted a package full of handmade(and other) goodies to my niece. She has outgrown all the knitted clothes I made for her when she was born. I've been busy making new ones for her. :-) 
I made a super simple granny square purse for her :-) This project was made using Craft smart value variegated yarn which I bought at Michael's Canada and I used a 4mm Knit pro waves crochet hook to go with it.
Before I talk about the purse itself, I would  like t…

How to make mini crocheted pumpkins - Free pattern

I know I'm a tad bit late, but here's wishing you all a Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!! It's the last day of the Thanksgiving long weekend and it's starting to get chilly, here I am snuggled up in my blanket writing this post. As we are approaching the rainy days, I'm looking for ways to brighten my mood by working on some colourful projects.  Of late I have been working on multiple projects simultaneously, giving myself very less time to complete and blog about them. But I sometimes find it easier to switch between projects than get bored and abandon it completely.
This weekend, I have been going crazy crocheting pumpkins as part of my crocheted fall decor. They are small and so quick to whip up that you can make many in a day. I made 6 of them and I'm planning to make more. I think I'll take them to my workplace for some Halloween decorations. 
Unlike my other 'show and tell' posts, this one comes with a free pattern for the pumpkins :-) So go ahe…

This and that!

Well I'm back again after a few months. I was busy preparing for interviews. Preparing for technical interviews always requires some prep work even though you have been working on technical stuff everyday. I'm happy to tell you all that I cleared the interview and have started work as well. I like my new workplace a lot. The commute is slightly longer than my previous job, but I'm getting used to it. With all this going on , my blog always seems to take a backseat. :-(
We had a couple of days off before I started work at my new place and we visited Banff in Alberta, Canada. It is the most picturesque place on earth. If you have been there , then you will agree with me.
It has a lot of lakes which are surrounded by mountains and each of those lakes are spectacularly blue in color.
This was Lake Emerald in Yoho National Park in British Columbia, which totally lived up to it's name. This is at the border of British Columbia and Alberta.
This is a breathtaking view of a r…


Hi there,

It's a rainy Sunday afternoon for us here and I'm happy to have found time to write this post.

My latest project has been a crochet amigurumi monkey. When I found this pattern , I instantly fell in love with the cute faces those monkeys had and decided to make one.

I was so busy crocheting and eager to finish it that I forgot to take photos of all the parts. Here are some of the in-progress pics.
The ears of this monkey are large and layered, but the pattern also has smaller ones if you want to try those. 

The muzzle looks so cute, I might make another just for the muzzle 😂

I was initially contemplating adding eye patches but eventually decided against it. I used an alternate version of a french knot to make the eyes.

All done!! :-)

The monkey stands upright with the help of it's tail as I added chenille stems inside the tail instead of stuffing it. I loved this idea :-)

Tangerine will very soon find a new home and will be loved by my niece :-)

It was a quick a…