The Crochet Bug....

I started crocheting many months back and my friends say I have picked it up very fast :-) I crave for Friday evenings so that I can find some extra time to work on my unfinished projects.

I love roaming around the streets of Raja Market(Avenue road) in Bangalore looking for yarn and other crochet accessories :-) Commercial street is my next favourite yarn hunting destination. The last time I visited commercial street with my mum, I found a shop called "Surya emporium". Both of us got some yarn. Btw amma's currently working on a carry bag. Here are some pics of it. Cool na ?

I frequently visit Belgaum as my in-laws live there and my crochet craze continued ;-) I happened to find yarn shops very close to our house. Belgaum being a smaller town than Bangalore, all shops are just 5 mins away from home. How I wish it was the same in Bangalore...
Everything's close by in Belgaum... Schools, colleges, eateries, multiplexes, railway stations, airport and what not!! I envy that a lot. Never mind Bangalore rocks!!! :D :D :D

My sister has sent a hook set and some grips for them. I'm just loving my collection :-) :)

Check out my collection of accessories!!!

I love surfing the net looking for various crochet blogs/websites. My favourite is Ravelry. It has an amazing collection of patterns and designs. And thanks to amma, she keeps forwarding interesting patterns everyday. The first person I think of, when I plan to make something new is my sister She loves reading. Have sent bookmarks to her on new years' :-)

Will be back soon!! :-)


  1. where you got crochet hooks i n belgaum????
    i live in belgaum too but i don't know more shops in belgaum of crochet hooks

    1. Hi Anas,
      There are many shops in Maruti galli. Like Uday vastu bhandar, Mahila vastu bhandar. I will find out about one other shop which has everything crafty. I don't remember its name. Will mail again once I find out.
      Hope this helps!


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