Cool blue in the hot summer

Hi Friends,
     Hope you had a great week and are looking forward to a wonderful weekend.
Bangalore is getting hotter by the day and there's no rain relief. Its difficult to bear the heat on weekends as we're in the bad habit of AC in office everyday.
I've got a matka (earthen pot) to store drinking water at home and its so refreshing to drink that water :-)
I feel it is always better to drink the water from these pots than the chilled water from the refrigerator.   Don't you agree??

My crochet projects have been moving at a very slow pace. I do have reasons , but more on that later.
The hook case I made (see my previous post) was the first crocheted thing I made for myself. Quite J from the fact that, I've gifted everything to family and friends my husband goes like this "You've made something for everybody except me" :P
Every time I plan to make something for my dad or husband, I end up browsing the net for hours looking for projects and eventually don't find anything suitable. All the crocheted items I've made till now have been quite girlie you see :P
After having accepted the accusation of not being "PathiVratha" (hehe), I've decided to make something for him.
Ladies I'm waiting for suggestions!!! I would love to hear from you!
Okay okay its time to talk about a recent crochet project.This time its not mine, but my mum's :-)
Here are some pics of the Inga's crochet bag she made recently. I helped her in adding a zipper and line it. The pattern for the bag is HERE . A video is also available for it on youtube.

Isn't the colour combination awesome ???

                                         I surprisingly found a zipper in the exact shade of blue.

Doesn't the cool blue shade beat the summer heat ???  :-) :-)
Do let me know what you think about the bag?
Waiting for you lovely comments.
Have a great weekend!!!
Bbye!!!! :-)


  1. Hello! Thanks for visits i my blog and nice comments!
    Yes, I discovered Vardhman yarn in India and very happy with the products.I also tried Oswal, which is almost same as Vardhman. I never tried any imported yarn though :) I liked you recent project! This bag is definitely something nice and beautiful to carry on a hot day...I also already can't stand this heat. No I haven't been to Bangalore yet, but would like to.
    I am following you too now, but I haven't seen you among my readers. May be you need to follow me again :)hehe
    Have a nice day!

    1. Sorry I had some issues with my net connection. So I guess I couldn't successfully follow you. :(
      Never mind, I'm waiting for your new posts in my inbox now :-)
      Thank you again!


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