Mango Amore and a Mandala :-)

Hey all you lovely people, hope the weather in your city is treating you well :-) Bangalore was blessed with showers a few days back and the city is back to its good old AC like weather. Its so pleasant that I don't feel the need for my jacket to protect myself from the strong sunrays :-) I'm just hoping it continues to be this way.
The other thing I'm enjoying is the Mango season. My dad makes a dessert with mangoes, bananas and honey. Its called "Seekarane". Appa makes the best seekarne!!!! :-)
Seekarane with Chapathi is a great combination. Its high calorie-d, but worth all of it ;-)
I and my sister are both Mango lovers. Though my sister is gorging herself on the American mangoes, she is missing the Indian ones, and I don't miss a single opportunity to make her feel jealous :D hahaha. 
My in-laws have sent a boxful of Alphonso mangoes from Belgaum.  BLISSSSSS!!!! :D:D:D

 I love mango in all forms, be it pickles, chutneys, desserts, milkshakes, falooda, or just like that....
Last night, my husband told my sister about my mango-ean breakfast(Wondering what that is ??? - Two big mangoes for breakfast... hehehe) and guess what my brother-in-law told my husband. About my sister's mango-ean dinner(no prizes for guessing.... Three mangoes for dinner... hehehehe )
It was like " Complaining about a thief to a dacoit " :D

On the crochet front there's been progress at snail's pace. I'd made this colourful mandala long back but I hadn't taken pictures of it. Being a blogger, I don't keep my camera handy.. too bad na????

I was inspired by the pictures in this link. I didn't find the pattern for it, but it looked quite simple to follow, by just looking at it.

This is how it started. I like the way the doily grows in size :)

And here comes the finished one with all the boring "weaving in" done :-)

And one more !!! :-) :-) All these colours together just make me so happy.

Don't forget to tell me how you liked it,  I wait to read all your lovely comments.
Will be back soon with a beanie I'm making :-)
Till then, happy crocheting!!!


  1. Toooo good! Love it (now ask me if I liked the mangoes or the Mandala) Hahaha ;-)

  2. ever since I came to Indian, I liked this fruit! It is totally tasty! I like mango shakes a lot.
    Mandala turned out great! I was myself planning to make one, but got busy with other projects on the way :)
    Looking forward to see your beanie now.
    Have a fabulous day!

  3. Me too have the habit of taking mangoes as breakfast. Mouth watering snap of mangoes. mmmm.
    Crochet mandala is looking beautiful.

  4. Your mandala is so beautiful. I love the colors!

  5. This mandala looks nice and colourful.


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