Welcoming Winter with Woolly Warmth !!!

I have broken the record for having disappeared for the longest period and now for having come back with a new post so soon. But I guess the latter is anytime better :-)

Winter is fast approaching. The beautiful tree in front of our house with lush green leaves has gone bare. Feels like its gone into hibernation ;-)  My NIA class yesterday was also on how to stay active and yet conserve energy during winter. Wondering what Nia is ? :-) Its a fitness program which includes dance and martial arts practised with music in the background. It does make me feel calm and fit after an hour of workout :-)
The clock has already gone back an hour and it gets dark by 5 in the evening. Quite depressing as it gets, crochet comes to my rescue.

Crochet and winter go together so well. Making beanies and scarves for myself and my husband has been so much fun.

These are for me!!! Isn't the cap cute ???  errrr!!! elegant ???  ;-)

The scarf pattern is the same I used for THIS post. I'm wondering if I should add fringes to it. According to my husband, the cap looks quite funny(as most of you would agree) with all the pom-poms and this being the reason, he's not letting me add one to his :-P ;-)

My husband has always been asking for a sweater but poor guy he's been getting only bookmarks so far. Hehe!!! ;-) I've only made baby size sweaters before. Whenever I'm working on a fairly big project , I have many small projects going on simultaneously to treat myself to some instant happiness and satisfaction. :-P  I guess I need to take the plunge very soon.
For now he will have to make do with readymade sweaters and handmade beanies and scarves :-) 

So here they are......

This is my first ever knitted project. Its a simple ribbed stitch beanie :-)

Here comes the second. I think this is the best of all.

The beanie is made using basket weave pattern which makes it very thick and warm. Anybody interested in using this beautiful stitch for a beanie can find the tutorial HERE. I have customized it(a bit) though.

This has a knitted scarf to be paired with it. As I'm new to knitting(just my second project), I chose to keep it simple and decided on THIS simple pattern. I'm very much pleased with the way it's turned out :-) (pat on the back!!!!)

This black beanie is again for my husband. I know the picture quality is terrible :-( The light was bad when I clicked this. This is made in rounds using HDC and an FPDC border. I've made a longer foldable border to make it warmer. 
Which of these do you like the most ? Would love to read your comments and suggestions..

Good enough to keep us warm in this harsh Canadian winter? Only time will tell :-)

Till I post again!!
Happy Crafting!!


  1. I can't choose a favorite because they're all so nice, but I do like your hat with the pom-pom on top. :)

  2. Lovely hats and scarves! I'll definitely watch "Persuation" when I have the time.

  3. The basket weave stitch looks so even. I am glad you visited my blog so that I could find you. Jo x

  4. All the beanies and scarf looks beautiful! Glad to hear you're trying your hands on knitting too.. The knitted scarf looks too good.. Looks like it was knitted by a well experienced person!!


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