First one for 2014 !

This being my first post of 2014, I realise that I haven't wished my readers at all. Better late than never(does this really apply to this eh??) "A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MY LOVELY READERS" :-)

Its been hectic past two weeks. Work, house hold chores and my extra curriculars have been keeping me busy. However I had to skip work for a couple of days as I was down with flu. Haven't completely got rid of the cough yet. The teeth chattering winter and the slippery roads have been making my commute to work worse. Quite tired of the snow and the gusty winds, I miss the Indian tropical weather. After a prolonged anti-biotic course, I'm quite confident that I have more than needed anti-bodies in my body to withstand this winter ;-)
 A bowl full of hot and spicy "Tomato Saaru" gives a lot of relief. Its a South Indian dish which can be eaten with rice or just as soup. I have been more regular in making this dish these days. :-)

Not having done any big project , this time I thought of showing you all my various small projects.
Most of them were made long back and never got a chance to be a part of my posts.

So here they are......

This sling bag is made using intermeshing crochet. I learnt this stitch from my mum's book and converted it into a bag. :-)

A closer look at the pattern.

This is my scrap yarn buster project. My rainbow pen stand cozy :-)
I made this with rows of DCs crocheted in rounds.

These hooks are a gift from my sis :-)

I gifted these glitter hooks to myself ;-)

My first attempt at Amigurumi. I made this baby octopus. He was actually supposed to look cute but his eyes make him look scary :D :D  So he gets the name Popeyes(Pop-eyes ;-))

His curly tentacles make me like him though.
If you are interested in making him, you can find him HERE.

This is my super cute Piggie. I found him on ravelry as an Amigurumi toy. He looked so cute that I instantly decided to make one for myself.

Tan...Tadaahhhhh!!!!!! But here's what I actually did to him. I converted him into a Piggie purse. So he's cute as well as useful now. I store my keys/lipbalm and other handy stuff inside his tummy. If you wan't, you can use him as a coin purse too. :-)

His nose and his tail are the cutest. HEHEHE!!!

Which of these projects do you like the most ?

On the cooking front, I'm going to show you a spicy Maharashtrian dish I made.
"Misal Pav"
Misal is a spicy curry which is served with pav(similar to dinner rolls)
I tasted this dish for the first time when I visited Kolhapur a few years back and I loved it for its spicy, tangy flavour.

Isn't it tempting???
The recipe is a bit time consuming and my mum and sis dropped the plans of making it and have asked me to make it for them when we meet. Very lazy they are.... ;-)

I will be back with a knitted neck warmer soon(hopefully ;-) )
Till I post again!!


  1. Happy New Year to you too Ranjitha. I think my favorite is the little octopus - he's very cute - but all of your crochet is very nice. :)

  2. All your creations are looking beautiful. Misal Pav looks yummy and tempting to taste.

  3. Hi Ranjitha, a very happy new year to you! Love your crochet bag and colorful pen stand cozy.. I envy your glittered hooks:) what a wonderful idea to transform amigurumi pig into a small purse! I'm drooling over your misal pav.. Sadly, I'm so bad at cooking. Hope you fully recovered from the flu.. Hugs:)

    1. Thank you! Do try it when you visit India next. It really tastes great. :-)

  4. Happy new year to you! Love those colorful hooks. All your crochet projects are lovely.

  5. Piggy purse and Octopus are my favourites!!

  6. Happy new year, Ranjitha!! I loved going through all your sweet projects!! The piggie purse is just so cute !! :) Are you maharashtrian? Stay warm and keep well.

    1. Thank you Preeti. No I'm not Maharashtrian, But my husband's family is.
      Hence the link :-)

  7. Hi Ranjitha

    HApPy NeWyeAr to you too. Hope you had a great time settling down in a new place. And by then, winter must have struck and I can imagine your plight. Comes as a shock after being in Indian weather. Hai na?

    Amazing, you have been able to keep crochet going inspite of work schedule and flu. All those cuties are looking very nice. Needs a lot of patience for Amiguramis....

    And misal pav is our favourite too! Though we make it rarely.

    1. Thank you Aishwarya!
      A few weeks back it was -43C here and I'd never heard of such temperatures(except for Arctic region of course). That was a shocker definitely.

  8. Hi Ranjitha,

    You make make such cute crochet items... and i absolutely love those crochet hooks.

    Well, i am visiting and following ya from Vicki's. Nice to meet you... and have a great weekend!!

  9. All the projects are so lovely the bag and the piggy are my fav :)


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