Sunburst cushion cover!!!

With my husband's hectic and busy schedule during the first year of his MBA, we couldn't travel much.  To utilize the summer break before his second year classes start , we have decided to make a trip to the USA. We will be visiting my sister and bil in Colorado.

With the arrival of summer, the days here are growing long and it doesn't get dark till 9 at night. The trees are full of lush green leaves. :-)
The days are all bright and sunny. And to celebrate these lovely days, I made something similar in crochet.
I made my first crochet cushion cover. Its so bright and beautiful that I decided to call it "Sunburst cushion cover" :-) 

It matches very well with my flower vase. Remember the flowers I had made. 
I made 16 more flowers and made squares around them.
Joined all the squares using single crochet.

A closer look at the flower

Then I made a fabric pillow envelope case using a fleece blanket with the help of my trusty sewing machine.

This was my first attempt at making a pillow case and I'm pretty glad with the way it turned out.

My crocheted flower square all set to be attached onto the front part of the fabric pillow case.

The crochet part looks smaller, however it stretches a lot.

I used a very small crochet hook to attach the crochet part to the fabric case.
I crocheted only in the back loops.

After attaching the crochet cover to the fabric pillow case.

Finally, just stuffed it with my cushion pad and punched(;-)) it a few times for crisp corners.

And Tadahhhhh!!!

Doesn't it look beautiful? It just brightens up my living room which is otherwise pretty dull with everything brown.

Makes a perfect set. :-)

Info on the patterns:
Inspiration: HERE
Flower and square pattern HERE and HERE
Envelope pillow case tutorial HERE

With this done, I'm eager to make another cushion cover, but something different, not flowers. Maybe just squares. What do you suggest ?

Till I post again!!
Happy "doing what you like".


  1. Ranjitha... This is stunning! You did s great job..... I've been planning on something similar too... Color burst granny squares may be..... have a great weekend!

  2. Lovely cushion ! looks very bright and beautiful !! :) I generally sew the crochet piece on fabric. I don't have patience to crochet onto it.

  3. My cousin's husband is just done with his MBA from Toronto and she moved in April to Toronto. Remember?I asked you about where do you work. I was thinking of asking her to contact you because I thought you worked for the same company as she did earlier. I got confused because one of my blog friends did work there.

  4. Bright and sunny cushion. i have also finished my first cushioncover but it's waiting for me to show case it in the blog.

  5. Oooooo - I love it. It's so bright and cheery. A suggestion for your next cushion cover could be the 'African flower' square - they're very pretty. Have a great weekend. :)

  6. Very beautiful cushion cover Ranjitha. It sure does brighten the living room.. Have fun on your trip to US:)

  7. HI Ranjitha!
    The pillow is stunning and beautiful! Looks so cozy and elegant :) I loved how it turned out with the pillow case. Glad you used your new sewing machine. Did you like how it did its duty? :)
    I think you shall make something in same colors oor in a close to these squares design. may be.. but it is your artistic vision there :) Which yarn did you use? The flowers look so fluffy!
    Have a creative week ahead!


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