Toronto Sugar Beach

After a tiring week, I crave for weekends for some "ME" time where I can just crochet, read blogs, nap a bit and sometimes do nothing(literally I mean). But last weekend the weather was too good to do any of that. So we had to get out and enjoy the amazing spring weather here.

Leaves are coming out!!! :-)

First we went for a small get together at my husband's friend's place. It was a potluck party , and I'd made aloo chaat. (an Indian snack with Potato). I kept the spices to a minimum as there were even non-Indians attending the party. The masalas in the Indian food are not usually International palate friendly.

After the party,we along with an other friend couple decided to take advantage of the good weather and explore Toronto. There were more reasons to utilize this weekend to the most, one being rain forecast for the next weekend and the second, a temporary change taking place in our lives. But more on that in my next post. So going back to what we did last weekend , we visited the Sugar beach in Toronto. Its not an actual beach but an urban beach


The lakefront wasn't like an actual beach either, so we couldn't touch the water. There weren't many people when we reached the place, but it did get a bit crowded towards dinnertime. 

I hadn't carried my camera, so my Nexus 5 came in handy. I must say, I was pretty impressed by the picture quality.

On the crochet front I have a lot of WIPs.
Remember my crochet flowers, I've put them in a vase.
My sister also wants those flowers, so I'm making more of them.

Till I post again!! 
Enjoy you week


  1. Hi there, it looks like you had some fun weekend. Your pictures are beautiful.... !!

  2. hi Ranjitha, I love your blog and so I have you an award on my blog.... Please come by when you can...

  3. Hi Ranjitha! It is goo dthat you have friends there to meet, many people feel lonley when they shift to a new country. Like one of our friends who also lives in Canada.
    The weather seems so good! I want to be there now, escape the hot weather here, hehe. Looking forward to see your crochet projects! Take care!

  4. Hi Ranjitha.... thanks for the visit :) (to my blog).... Hey... I loved your makeover of the blog. Its looking nice. BEach pics are inviting. Feel like walking down on that path ...

    Have a great week end

  5. Happy to know that spring has started there.. the lake front view looks lovely! your phone's picture quality is indeed very good. Have a great week ahead:)

  6. Hi, stopping by again as i forgot to mention that i have an award for you on my blog.. I know you've already got one from Ruth's blog. so no need to make a new post about it for my sake.. Just check out and would be happy if you accepted it :)


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