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I'm posting today about the "Around the world Blog hop" invitation I received from Ruth of Rose Hill Collections. Thank you so much Ruth for inviting me. :-) Ruth is a also a crocheter and a knitter. Her creations are beautiful and her speed in crocheting is what amazes me. Do visit her blog and you'll see it for yourself. :-)

Well, like a blog award this blog hop invitation comes with a few responsibilities too. I mean a few questions :-)
So here I go

1. What am I working one? 
Hmmm I usually have multiple projects going on, but currently the project consuming most of my time is a knitted baby set. I'm planning to make a baby vest, a beanie and a pair of booties. I'm quite new to knitting.
I've knitted only scarves before this. So this is my first ever knitted baby set.  And dropped stitches are still a bit of a worry. I'm sure I'll grow more confident with time.

2. Why do I write/create what I do?
Well creating is something I started because I wanted to kill boredom after returning home from office. My husband's work place was very far from home, so he would return home late. So there was no way I could make the wait shorter, but crochet would definitely make it feel shorter. 
After I started creating, I felt the need to document my creations somewhere, so what better than a blog. It helps me keep track of my what I make and express my passion towards it, in words as well. 

3. How does my writing/creation process work ?
I'm a slave to patterns available online. I sometimes feel I should try to create a pattern of my own, but never find time as it requires a lot of experimetation. Maybe someday.
I mostly have multiple projects going on simulatneously, this not only keeps me from getting bored but also helps me complete them faster.
I usually have one project for home and another for my commute to office. :-) 
Everytime I create something I take a lot of photos. With time I have improved a lot on photography. I have a regular point and shoot camera. Nothing great. 
But I invest a lot of time in capturing many pics of my work to get the shot that satisfies me. And I believe this has sometimes helped my work get more appreciation than I expected. I would love to have a DSLR very soon and my birthday is also approaching(so I hope my husband is reading this too ;-) ) Hehe.

Here comes the last step. I need to find some bloggers whom I would pass this on to. 

I would like to nominate these people:

1. Anitha from A little love everyday : She's a multi talented blogger friend of mine. She crochets, sketches and is interested in quilling too. Her crocheted dolls are amazingly beautiful. :-) If interested do give her a visit and check out her latest crochet doll. :-)

2. Anna from "Cultures' chord by Hindustanka". She's a lovely friend who also crochet and writes about her inter-cultural experiences in India. She has recently had a baby, so if you want to wish her, click here. :-) 

3. Dassana from "veg recipes from India". She has an amazing food blog where she post recipes which can make you drool. I love her step by step pictures which just make them so easier to follow.

And this brings my list of to-do things for this weekend to an end.
I'm exhausted and it's time to hit the sack.
Wishing you all a great week ahead.
Till I post again!


  1. Hi Ranjitha, thanks for nominating me for 'Around the world blog hop'.. can't wait to see your finished knitting baby set. and i've mailed you my ID.. have a great day!

  2. So nice to read your responses and get to know you a little better....:) can't wait to see your knit project finished! My first knit scarf is still halfway and wouldn't move up lol... Hopefully I'll be able to finish it this weekend.

  3. Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself and your creating process. Good lick with knitting the baby set!


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