My treasure

Can I get a couple of extra hours after coming home from office?(without compromising on sleep of course) I seem to ask myself this question quite often nowadays. I'd decided to ensure that I would post once a week, but here I am again after three weeks. Not that I haven't been creating anything, but just not posting enough. I'm knitting a baby set right now and also other smaller crochet projects.

Finally I got to lay my hands on my new knitting needles from Pony craft store. Well, that's not how the store ppl packed it, it was in a box but my mum has removed it to save some space. I ordered them online and got them delivered to my place in India. And they traveled all the way from Bangalore to Toronto with a relative and finally got to me the last weekend. 

My mum passed on her knobbed knitting needles collection to me(which she had since 20yrs or so) after my sister got her the Denise set. My mum never bought a set, but had gradually collected needles of many sizes. Most of the them are Pony again. They are still in a good condition, except for a couple of them, which are kinda bent. My dad was in a transferable job and hence those needles have also traveled to many places with my mum, which took a toll on them. But definitely still usable. :-) The only thing this collection lacked was circular needles. Now I can officially declare the collection complete :-) 

Aren't they amazing?
I also bought a few other accessories.

 Cable stitch needles

For hairpin lace crochet

Row counters

Blunt wool sewing needles
I sometimes struggle with my current needles while I work with chunky yarn. So there it is, no more struggle!!!

Good for blocking I guess :-)

Tunisian crochet hooks


Guess how much this treasure cost me? 28CAD :-) Haha. Well that's what happens if you convert currencies. (y)

What are you upto these days? Have you bought any new crafty stuff?

Here I sign off , quite convinced that there are never enough hours in the day, but I still somehow manage to juggle.

Till I post again!!


  1. Good collection of needles. I too used to purchase yarn and crochet thread from pony. Last time I have purchased knitting circular looms from pony and made a cap and a bag. Pony craft store is a place where I get all my crochet items.

  2. Very nice set Ranjitha. I wish you more hours in your day to craft. :)

  3. What a great stuff !!
    I like to have great deals on stuff for knitting or crochet.
    I m looking forward for what you will do with it.
    For my part I bought needles to knit socks in a website from England. Quality and good price!!

  4. They really are a treasure! i panic whenever i misplace or lose my crochet hooks:) have fun knitting..


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