Itch to stitch

I've been looking for sewing projects ever since I bought my sewing machine.

 I had been using this every single day and it was quite worn out. so felt the need for another one. I have been crocheting one but also found this amazing inspriration on Pinterest, which would also satisfy my itch to stitch  :-)

This pair of jeans was old and ready to be discarded, but I decided otherwise. I chose to upcycle it and make it usable.
It's no secret that my sewing skills are rudimentary. So I prefer experimenting with waste fabric.
And hence my upcycled jeans sling bag was born!!
(Hubster is safeguarding all his jeans, as he feels they might be in danger with ideas floating in my mind) Hehehe

I first cut out the piece of fabric from the jeans.  thought of reusing the zipper but it was a low waist jeans , hence the zipper was too short to be reused. so dropped the idea.

Pinned one side to make the base of the bag.

Sewed along the pinned edge.

Pinned and sewed perpendicular to the previous stitch to give it a rectangular shape.

This is what I meant.

The rectangular base is clearer in this picture
Since it's an upcycled project, I decided to use some scrap fabric from my stash for the lining and stitched it the same way as the outer part.

I ripped the jeans pocket and used it for the bag. The embroidered design looked good.

Oh forgot to attach the pocket before stitching the bag. Duh!!! My stitching skills are rudimentary, I told you. Never mind, use your brains, or even better, use Google. ;-) :-D 

Made two strap holders with the denim.

Fixed two key rings to it.

Sewed the two strap holders to the bag.

I bought a dog's leash from the dollar store and cut it to my desired length and attached two lobster clasps.

I had a spare slider at home which I used to make adjustable straps. (hoarding has its own benefits you see)

Tadaahhhh!!!! My upcycled bag is ready. :-) :-)
Isn't it amazing??
I'm very proud of it. :-)

It took me just a couple of hours to make this bag. 

Do you remember this white centre from my rose doily. I'd made a few mistakes in the initial rounds(not prominent though). I realised the mistake when I'd almost completed it. It would have been unwise to unravel the whole thing. so I had made a new one for the rose doily, 
Lying in my stash for quite sometime, this doily begged to be used. Well, wish granted!!! :-)

What are you crafting these days?? crochet , knitting , sewing or something else ??
I'm knitting and crocheting.

Till I post again!!
Happy "doing whatever you like"!!


  1. Nice bag. creative way of using old jeans.

  2. Very good job ! have a nice day !

  3. Great recycling projects with just the right look for today's trendy people! I'm currently making hand warmers for 3 nieces who are visiting me next month.

  4. I love your new bag! Clever idea to use a dogs leash for the strap - and the doily is perfect. You've done very well. :)

  5. Your upcycled bag looks so lovely! the crochet doily adds a nice touch to it... wish i could learn sewing too...

  6. Wow what a pretty bag you made. I wish I could sew like that. My mom taught me to sew when I was little and I remember that I would never finish any of my projects I started. LOL! Thanks so much for the visit and your sweet comment on the scarf and hand warmers I made. Have a nice weekend.

  7. Such a trendy bag from an old pair of jeans! Great job!

  8. Very creative! Liked the idea of using old jeans.


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