Off to the US and back!!

Heyyyy there!!!!
I'm back after a vacation in the USofA. For the past three months my husband was in San Diego on work. While he was there, soaking up the California sun, I was sulking in this Canadian summer, wearing hoodies and carrying umbrella everywhere. At the end of three months, we planned to visit my sister. I managed to get one week off from work for a short vacation. Since I'd never been to my sister's place before, this was the perfect time.

This post will have a lot of pics and I'm quite a story teller. so you might wanna join me with that cuppa. :-)

I traveled from Toronto to Denver and my husband came from San Diego. We both landed on Saturday at the same time ;-) My sister and bil had come to pick us up and that day it was pretty much lazing around and eating yummy food cooked by my sis.

On Sunday, we visited the Rocky Mountain National park. The weather was pleasant when we left , but got chilly as we drove higher to the top of the mountain (stating the obvious??? :-P ) We returned in the evening and I made Misal Pav for dinner and it was a hit. :-)

The Rocky Mountains

Elk Sighting at Rocky Mountain National Park

Monday and Tuesday my sister and bil went to office and we went for walks, watch TV while munching on something and played tennis during the day. All of us went out for dinner in the evenings.

Lip smacking bhutta (roasted corn)

We did manage to squeeze in a visit to the Michaels store one evening. I was given only half an hour and this was all I could shop. Too bad!! :-(

Jewelry tool set, a pack of charms and buttons

On Wednesday we left for our road trip. We were headed to Vegas. My sister and bil drove while my husband and I were just sitting behind and arguing over which song to play next. Sometimes my bil and sis would also join in. :-D I did manage to play most of my favourites. A pack of Cheetos and a bag of clemetines would actually distract and their music didn't bore me :-P

Enroute to Moab, Utah
On the way, we visited the Arches National Park. I was amazed by the vast empty spaces in UTAH.

Natural Sandstone Arches

Balanced Rock at Arches National Park

The next day, we headed to Vegas.  We reached by night. We visited many hotel/casinos but didn't gamble at all. Well, there were so many other things to do that gambling always dropped down our priority list. So maybe next time.

View of the city from the Stratosphere Casino tower

Musical fountain in front of Paris Las Vegas casino and hotel

Yummy desserts at Jean Philippe Patisserie

All of us enjoyed the amazing performance.

 After spending two days in Vegas , we headed towards Bryce canyon back in Utah.
We reached on Saturday night and there was this "Astronomy & Night Sky Programs" at Bryce Canyon. We saw Saturn rings , Titan and Rhea(Saturn's moons), many constellations and shooting stars :-) It was an amazing experience.

The next day we visited the giant natural amphitheaters at Bryce Canyon.

Amazing Rock formations again!!

Its been three weeks, since we came back to Toronto , and I've been up to my eyeballs in office work. Its been crazy with all the office work, unpacking(remember hubster was away from home for three months) and the house chores. Back to reality so soon.

I miss being with my sister. :-(

Anyways I will be back soon with a crafty creation.
Till I post again!!


  1. What an amazing holiday with some wonderful pictures.

  2. Wow! A dream trip! I like all of your pictures! Your post remember me a lot off souvenirs!
    Lucie (Québec, Canada)

  3. Looks like you had a fantastic time - great pictures. :)

  4. Hi Ranjitha.. Happy to know that you had a wonderful time with your sister :) all the places looks amazing!! it really is hard to get back to normal life after having a splendid week.. have a great day!

  5. Your pictures are so amazing ! Love this landscape i've never visited .... one day maybe ! Have a nice day !


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