Crochet torana / toran /Indian bunting pattern

Torana, a bunting made with mango leaves and marigold flowers is considered auspicious in Hindu community and is usually hung at the front door/pooja rooms during festivals. My sister asked me to make one for her for the next Ganesha Chaturthi festival. So I decided to experiment as I couldn't find a pattern online.
The green mango leaves hung along the edge of the table is a torana (sans marigold flowers)

Update: The pattern is now available for free HERE.

Hang it on your front door and step back and admire!!!!

I was so eager to hang the torana that I forgot to cut the weaved-in tail :-( :-P Do you see it ???
This was my Diwali project. 

If you like this torana, please do leave me a comment, I would be very happy to hear from you. :-)

It's almost Friday guys, hang in there!! ;-)
Till I post again!

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 No part of this pattern may be reproduced/distributed in any form. This pattern and items made with this pattern are for personal and non-commercial use only.


  1. oh thanks you for the tuto !!! the garland is really beautiful ! I should try it and show it to you ! Have a nice evening !

  2. How wonderful, it looks amazing and interesting to find out a little of the culture. Great tutorial.

  3. It looks great Ranjitha - I think you did a wonderful job designing it. Have a good evening. :)

  4. oh lovely... thanks for the tutorial...Sure... Worth giving a try!!

  5. awesome looking.. where can i find the tutorial?

  6. I would like to buy 1. I stay in Ahmedabad.. Looks very ethnic.. This is what I wanted for my door.. Could u help me delivering at my destination. Please let me know the price. I will send u my address to b delivered. Please send me your details of ordering the product..

  7. Its great & looking very pretty. Can you please help me with the tutorials so that i can try myself too..


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