After knitting a baby set, a few scarves and beanies , I feel I have graduated from skill level "beginner" to "advanced beginner".
After seeing this bunny, I was too tempted to try it. Couldn't resist buying the pattern.
After a lot of effort, here it is all ready. :-)

The tiny sweater and the trousers look so cute!! :-)

I've named him BpoBpo!! :-)
 Isn't he cute???
All the projects I have made have had minimal-to-no need for stitch markers.  I have developed this craze for colourful stitch markers of late after I saw some fancy ones on Pinterest. So I decided to make my own.

Long back I'd gone to DeSerres stores here in Toronto and and had bought some beads and stringing wire. Well, random shopping does pay off eventually.
I also used a pack of beads my sister had bought for me around 2 years back. I'd asked for smaller ones for my earring fetish back then, but she'd got big ones. After roaming around all the isles of the Michaels craft store for a long time, she found these and they turned out to be of the wrong size. My bil officially declared, that was his last trip to Michaels. :-P So I will be getting only gift cards from now. Well, that's a win-win.

Now that I have made so many stitch markers, I feel I should start using them.
More knitting projects in future I guess. ;-)
Till I post again!!!


  1. I think the bunny proves you are no longer a "beginner" and the stitch markers are very pretty.

  2. Oh I love your bunny !!!!! Well, many prjects you might have to use all these markers !!! great !!! Have a lovely week end !

  3. very pretty beanie.. knitted one is it?

  4. Hi Ranjitha, wow I love the bunny you made. It's so adorable especially with the clothes. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy New Year.

  5. BpoBpo is sooooo cute!! Well done with knitting.... My, you're one fast learner. I love those colorful beads and what you did with them too. I always end up finding something worthwhile during random shopping sprees.
    Hugs... Ruth

  6. The bunny is adorable!!! I never thought you were a beginner your work is always so neat!
    Happy New year Ranjitha

  7. The bunny is so cute-- and I like those stitch markers! Great idea.


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