More flower tunic tops!!

Well I'm back with a crafty post today. I admit I'm not very regular at posting, but I don't beat myself up over it. I'm glad I have a place of my own where I get to show and tell.

It was the first time when someone(apart from my mum and sister of course) had requested for something custom-made after seeing my crochet work. Well, my sister wants almost everything I make. :-P  and I love her for that :-)

Remember the crocheted top I made for my bestie as her wedding gift??? My cousin liked it a lot and asked me to make it for her daughters.

The elder daughter wanted it in Turquoise and the younger one likes yellow.
No turquoise yarn in my stash, some yellow yarn but chunky and would make really big motifs and wouldn't suit a child's top.  Yarn shopping!!!
Well, sometimes my yarn stash leaves me a wee bit dissatisfied, but never mind its still growing, but at the same husbster is groaning. :-P It's only last week that he again asked me if I will ever stop buying yarn and use up the existing ones first. And I laughed!!! :-D Crocheters/knitters cannot answer this question, can we?? :-)
The room gets messy with yarn bits/skeins lying around sometimes(read mostly), but hey, what's wrong with a little creative clutter? ;-)

Anyway, back to the crocheted tops. So I headed to the Mary Maxim  (too bad its closed now :-( ) store near my place. I was lucky to find yarn in the shades and thickness I wanted :-)

With yarn in hand, I was ready to start the tops and this time I didn't find it hard while joining the motifs as I had the red one for reference. Gosh!!! I remember the first time. I must have made "no clue how many" attempts before getting those sleeves right.

But what will I do when I give away all the tops. Well, I'm not ready to rediscover the joining method from the image anymore. So I have made a reference for the sleeves part and plan to use it whenever I make this top again! ;-)

The girls seemed very happy when they got to wear these.

 I added drawstrings with tassels, as it's a wide shoulder top and imagined the girls shoulders to be smaller. And I was right, it was indeed dropping off their shoulders. :-)

Making crocheted gifts for little girls gives so many options. You can make accessories too. So to make it a bit special I made these flower hair clips to match with their dresses. :-)
Oh I love 'em!!
 After making these, I felt like making a few for myself (actually I made one and wore it at home :-P :-D )

Making handmade gifts for friends and family is so much fun. My next project is a colourful afghan/throw. A giant granny square it is!!! I plan to put it on the living room sofa.
So off I go to continue hooking the 'currently not so giant' square up.
Till I post again!!


  1. Love those cute colourful tops and also the lovely flower hair clips!!! :)

  2. I've never seen anything like those pretty dresses. I can see why the girls requested them. As for giant granny square blankets....I have just finished one and started another one. They are very calming to crochet and every one is different.

  3. Great work !!! I'm impressed !!!! Have a lovely and creative day !

  4. They are a real delight, love the colours. The little clips are adorable too.

  5. Ranjitha, its sooooooooooo beautiful.

  6. So beautiful tops :) love the colors . I started a top for my daughter long back but could not do more than two rows. I guess I should start working on that again.

  7. WOW how gorgeous the tops you made are! I LOVE them and the turquoise is my favorite! I hope you have a wonderful afternoon and enjoy the week. Julie xo

  8. Wow! The tops are really pretty and I loved the tiny matching clips too. Keep it up and forget about the mess and clutter...


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