Sorry, I've been quiet....

I've been meaning to write a post for the past few weeks, but things on the personal front have been keeping me busy. A family emergency, resulted in a totally unplanned trip to India. The flight journey which seemed never ending, connecting flights, missed flights , wait time at the airports, and reaching almost 12 hours behind scheduled time have been very difficult. The sudden change in weather, even got me sick for a few days.  Since it wasn't a planned trip, I had to return in 6 days. I had just overcome jetlag and I was ready to fly back to Toronto. Every minute of my 5 hour transit in London, I wished I had some crochet project to keep me from getting bored. In hindsight , I realise, even if I'd planned and packed my stuff, I couldn't have carried hooks/needles as I don't have flight friendly ones. Well, every bit is worth it, if I was of even slight help to my family.
Now back in Toronto, its time to get back to work, run errands, cook and clean, knit and crochet, catch up with all my fav blogs and post more frequently.

Till I post again!


  1. Long haul flight journeys can be so tiring. How did you survive the wait time at the airports? I guess that would've been difficult.. well, now that you're back we can expect lots of lovely creations from you. Happy crocheting. Hugs :)

    1. Thank you so much Anitha! It was indeed tiring and waiting at airports, specially in such situations isn't easy.
      I have a free crocheted things to show, will be posting soon!

  2. I do hope everything is ok now. Thanks so much for stopping by before. jetlag is the most horrible thing about traveling. I hate too that yiu can't even bring needles or hooks with you because of security. Well welcome back!

    1. Thank you so much Julie! It was difficult as we lost someone. :-( Life has to get back to normal I know.
      I slept like a sloth bear after returning to Toronto, I myself couldn't believe as I'm a light sleeper. Crochet indeed would have been a great saviour during transit.

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  4. Aww I totally understand the wait n long flights
    Hope things are ok now


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