What's winter without Olaf!

Have you ever come across a pattern while casually browsing and been totally smitten by it?
Well, this is exactly what happened with me and Olaf was created.

How can anyone not fall in love with him after watching Frozen?!?! :-)

If you would like to make one for yourself, then go visit ChiWei at 1dogwoof.
She has done such an amazing job!! :-)

Instead of crocheting the arms and hair, I used Chenille stems for them!! They are perfect as they bend just as you want. 

I didn't have safety eyes , so ended up using googly eyes.

Initially got confused with the shape of his head and was holding it upside down while taking pics :-D. I had actually even attached his head on his chin.

His body is pretty easy as it consists of only spheres.

Used black felt for his mouth. I didn't have white felt for his teeth, so I cut out a piece from a fresh pack of kitchen wipes. The kitchen wipes had the same texture, so it worked. :-)

It indeed seems like he is looking for a warm hug in this pic(wink) ;-)

Isn't he adorable!!

Till I post again!!


  1. He is perfect, my grandchildren would love him all 4 are fans of frozen.

  2. Oh wow he is really adorable and you did a great job making him. I hope you have a nice evening and weekend Ranjitha!


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