Crochet granny square afghan

Having a long commute to work can sometimes get mundane and even irritating when its cold. Heavy snow can just make it longer. Initially I used to doze off in the subway . But this got more difficult(for me) and super funny(for others) a couple of times when I missed my stop and continued till a few stops ahead. :-(
Well, soon I decided to crochet/knit instead.

Crochet while traveling does draw attention. Sometimes people tend to just stare at your work while others (many time fellow crafters) have even complimented me on the design or the shade of colour I was using. I totally enjoy my crochet time in the subway. Since that is the only time I get to crochet on weekdays, I actually look forward to the subway journey now :-P

So why am I telling you all this, it will make more sense now.
Our couch looked plain making the whole living room dull. So I decided to spruce it up with something bright and cheerful and thus got the idea for a sofa afghan.
The sofa afghan was majorly crocheted during the office commute.

Its amazing to feel the weight of the afghan on your laps as it grows.

My inspiration to make this giant granny square came from the TV Series "Breaking Bad".

Found this image on Pinterest

I remember having seen it in many scenes of this TV series and that's when I set my heart on it.
I didn't  make it as huge, and also used many colours as I felt it would make the living room more cheerful. While browsing, I also found many other people who have made it with the exact same colours.

Sometime back, I'd bought many skeins of yarn at my local yarn store but never got around to actually use it and they seemed perfect for this project.

Though I'm very tempted to call this "The Rainbow afghan", I'll refrain as they are in no specific order. I've just gone nuts with colours.

Here it is all done!!


I don't want to end this post on a sad note, but feel like sharing it here.
How do you feel when you lose something you made? Bad? not so bad? 
Well,I felt very bad when the crochet torana I made a few weeks back suddenly went missing.

 I'd hung it on my front door and I assume it was stolen. I don't know who took it and I wish they had tried asking me for it, and I would have given it to them happily. 
My family has been trying to comfort me by saying I can make one again and it would take me only a day to make another, which might be true, but that doesn't make the torana loss any less sorrowful. :-( It was special to me as it was the first pattern I'd designed. :-(  Just to make myself feel better, I tell my heart that it was so beautiful and likable that somebody couldn't resist taking it.

Till I post again!!


  1. Very beautiful granny afghan. So sad to here that your toran is stolen.

  2. You are lucky being able to crochet on your way to work. When I used to commute I was happy if I could get both feet on the floor. I literally couldn't always find something to hold on to! Your blanket is very cheerful and, as for the thief, they have good taste but must be a bit "sad".

  3. Beautiful throw, love the stunning colour combination a real delight. Such a shame about the torana.

  4. Hi Ranjitha, I love your blanket you made! I received for Christmas the whole series of Breaking Bad since my husband and I missed and did not watch the tv show! We are addicted to the show and love it. Well when I saw the blanket I thought the same thing about making one too. Your blanket is pretty with the different colors! I feel bad for you too that someone would take your crochet hanging you made. It's true though that you could easily make one and hang it on the inside of your door so that no one can take it again. Take care and have a nice day and week.

  5. Hi Ranjitha,

    I am sorry to hear about the missing torana. Too bad, people think it's alright to take someone's stuff. I'd really feel bad if that happened to me too. And I absolutely love the granny square. Its beautiful. You did great with the color combo.

    Have a great week. Love,

  6. Hi Ranjitha, the crochet afghan looks so gorgeous! the color combo looks great. My mom once made a similar granny squares for tv cover. So sad to hear about your missing thoranas though. I guess someone must've liked it so much. Have a great week ahead! cheers:)

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