Granny square delight !!

I've finally completed my granny square blanket. I have been planning on making this since I started crocheting and have managed to do it after 4 long years. Unsure that I would follow through, I was always reluctant to start this project; but somehow mustered courage and took the leap. 

I started this blanket in August and have been working on it off and on. Overall it took me around 4 months to complete this project. 

This is my first ever(might as well be the last) multi colored granny square blanket. I can easily say the hardest part was choosing colors at random for each row. It is a lot easier if the colors are finalized in the beginning.

The first granny square of the blanket.

Gradually growing in number

My sister had gifted me a Michael's gift card for my birthday last year and most of the yarn for this project came from that. So a big thank you to her!! :-)

Before starting each row I would finalize all the colors for that row. and put them in the stitch holder in the right order. This saved a lot of time.

I used "join as you go" method for joining the squares.

Many more rows to go ...

Half way through ...

Almost done ...

Weaving in the ends felt like a project in itself. 
These are the trims for just 2 rows of the blanket

Finally it is ready with all the squares joined and all ends weaved in. It has 21 rows of 18 squares each.

 I decided to keep the border simple and made a granny stripe border.

It's wonderfully heavy and gives just the right amount of warmth. It looks so beautiful that I sometimes wonder if I will ever use it ;-)

It adds a great dash of color to our room and makes adjusting to the gray skies of Vancouver a bit more easier ;-) 
The completion of this grand project has made me every bit as proud as I could ever be!!! :-)

Wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR !
Till I post again!


  1. The blanket is gorgeous! Happy New Year!

  2. A colorful treat. Beautiful one. This year I have planned to do a blanket project with solid granny square. A very happy and prosperous new year to you.

  3. That is spectacular. Well done.

  4. Hi Ranjitha! Saw you were visiting my blog, and realized it's been a Loooong while since I visited yours :)
    The blanket is gorgeous! You are brave and persistent! :) Your room certainly looks more cheerful now. How are things going on there? We are still making up our mind, lol :)
    Take care! Keep in touch.


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