Hello after a year!!

I know it's been terribly quiet here for a long time. I decided to take a short break after the granny square blanket, but never thought it would be this long until I write my next post. It's been a busy year with a new job + moving houses to be closer to work(my yarn was packed up for almost half of the year) + a trip to India + hectic work schedules = less crochet + no blogging. I've missed reading all my favourite blogs, so I have a lot of catching up to do.

Since I hadn't stopped crocheting/knitting. I have a few finished projects which I'll be blogging about in this and my future posts :-)

It's been snowing here since last night and continued all through the morning. 
I've been snuggled up on my couch with a mug of South Indian filter coffee and crocheting my cute little snowman. 

The snowman turned out so cute that I feel like making another with some thinner yarn so he is the size of a tree ornament. 😄

I'm totally enjoying the holiday season with snow here. Are you enjoying the holiday season too??
Happy holidays!! 😄
Till I post again,

Pattern info:
If you would like to make this snowman, the pattern can be found HERE


  1. Hi Ranjitha! I am so glad to see your Snowy post :) I can understand you have been busy on a new place. How is life going on there? Do you like Canada so far? Is job taking all the time? :) Catch up in emails I guess. :))) Have a happy holiday season..

    BTW, the view from your window is amazing!!!

    1. Thank you Anna, I hope you guys are doing well. I love it here :-)

  2. That snowman is a real treat and perfect for the snowy weather. Nice to catch up with you again.

  3. Your snowman is very cute! Happy Holidays!

  4. Good to see you here again Ranjitha. Must be tough blogging when you have a hectic life schedule. The snowman looks so cute! Enjoy this festive season :)

    1. Thank you! It feels good to be back. Have a lot of catching up to do with all my favourite blogs :-)

  5. Great snowman. A tree ornament version would be good as well. I usually check the blogs that I follow every January. Any that haven't posted in over a year are considered to be lost friends. You just made it in time!!


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