How to make mini crocheted pumpkins - Free pattern

I know I'm a tad bit late, but here's wishing you all a Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!! It's the last day of the Thanksgiving long weekend and it's starting to get chilly, here I am snuggled up in my blanket writing this post. As we are approaching the rainy days, I'm looking for ways to brighten my mood by working on some colourful projects. 
Of late I have been working on multiple projects simultaneously, giving myself very less time to complete and blog about them. But I sometimes find it easier to switch between projects than get bored and abandon it completely.

This weekend, I have been going crazy crocheting pumpkins as part of my crocheted fall decor. They are small and so quick to whip up that you can make many in a day. I made 6 of them and I'm planning to make more. I think I'll take them to my workplace for some Halloween decorations. 

Unlike my other 'show and tell' posts, this one comes with a free pattern for the pumpkins :-)
So go ahead and make some as gift for your family and friends or maybe even yourself. Why not!

What you need
1. Some worst weight yarn in orange, green(preferably dark green) and dull white colurs.(I used Red Heart Super saver yarn in Carrot, Paddy green and Aran fleck shades) 
2. 4mm crochet hook(It's better to use a smaller size as it makes the stitches nice and snug)
2. A pair of scissors and yarn needles to weave in ends.

How to make the pumpkin
 (Pattern is in US terminology)
1. Make a magic circle. 

Rd1: (With Orange or white yarn) Ch2 and crochet 7 dcs in the circle and make a sl stitch to join to the top of Ch2. (8 stitches)

Rd2: Ch2 and 1dc in the same stitch as you joined in Rd1. 2 dc in the next stitch and each stitch around. Sl stitch to join to the top of Ch2.

Rd3: Ch2 and 1 dc in the same stitch as you joined in Rd2. 1 dc in the next stitch. *(2dc in next stitch, 1dc in next stitch)* Repeat all the way around. Sl stitch to join to the top of Ch2.

Rd4: Ch2 and 1 dc in the same stitch as you joined in Rd3. 1dc in each stitch around. Sl stitch to join to the top of Ch2.

Rd5: Same as Rd4

Rd6: *(Dc2tog, 1dc)* all the way around. Sl stitch to join to the first stitch.

Rd7: Same as Rd6. Join green yarn as you sl stitch in to the first stitch(for the pumpkin stalk).

Rd8: 1dc in each stitch around.

Rd9: hdc2tog and hdc all the way around.

Rd10: hdc in each stitch around and fasten off with a 4inch tail of yarn. 

Use a yarn needle and the yarn tail to close the opening.

Now you should have a sphere shape with a stalk. 

Shape it like a pumpkin:
Thread a tapestry needles with yarn in the same colour as the pumpkin and insert it at the bottom centre of the pumpkin and pull it out near the stalk. Insert it back in the same stitch at the bottom centre and bring it out a few stitches away from the previous stitich(near the stalk). Continue this process all around the pumpkin. I usually split the pumpkin body into 5 part to get the wedge shape all around the pumpkin. You can have more wedges based on your pumpkin size. 

Hope you have fun crocheting pumpkins for your fall decorations!! :-) 
Till I post again!


  1. I've been wanting to make a few pumpkins for Fall. I think a basket full of them would be pretty. Who doesn't love pumpkins, right.
    xx Beca

  2. These pumpkins are very cute!

  3. Awww theseee r so adorable..... Will make them for sure.... thank u for sharing 😊


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