Hola mis amigas!!

When it's gray and rainy outside(which is pretty much the whole Winter in Vancouver), I like to be warm and toasty inside my house and knit/crochet by my window with my cuppa. It's good to be back on the blogland after a long time. 
I'm currently working on a knitted blanket which my mum started when my niece was born but couldn't finish it. I have been trying to finish it since a few months and haven't found much time. But today I have picked it up from my basked of abandoned projects. 

A couple of days back I posted a package full of handmade(and other) goodies to my niece. She has outgrown all the knitted clothes I made for her when she was born. I've been busy making new ones for her. :-) 

I made a super simple granny square purse for her :-)
This project was made using Craft smart value variegated yarn which I bought at Michael's Canada and I used a 4mm Knit pro waves crochet hook to go with it.

Before I talk about the purse itself, I would  like to say a few things about the crochet hook.
The Knit Pro waves crochet hook is one of the best crochet hooks I have ever owned. (I have crochet hook from 5 different brands) 
I'm a fast crocheter and I like if my hook slides easily and smoothly through the yarn and these hooks have a perfect smooth finish to avoid snagging of yarn.  The ergonomic grip also makes it very comfortable to hold and work longer.
I ordered mine online in India from Pradhan Embroidery Stores and you can get them too if you live in India.

Since this granny square pattern has a lot of holes in it, I decided to add a lining and a zipper to it, to keep things from falling out.

I used some left over fabric from a previous quilt I made and a zipper to make the lining for this purse.

I had some bells lying around(impulse buy during my last visit to the craft store) and decided to add them to the purse. I'm a lover of bells and whistles. So I added these bells(literally) and a tassel to the zipper runner :)

What do you think of it ?
I have a few more goodies to show you all and will be writing about them in my future posts.
Hasta entonces, Ranjitha 
(Can you tell I've started learning Spanish!! :) )


  1. Such a beautiful bag, love the idea of the added embellishments.


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