Evening bag!

My mother and grandma used to knit and crochet. I gradually developed an interest. I first began by learning from my mother the basics of stitches and soon I took a liking to it. Every evening, with some time on my hands after work, the interest grew further. I’ve always been quite impatient especially when it comes to learning new things . I googled around and found many useful blogs and websites with a wealth of information. I decided I should jump straight into it with a full-fledged project. I found this pattern here and it instantly appealed to me. The rich texture and lovely design made me want to have one for myself

It is a nice trendy accessory to carry for social gatherings.

Having zeroed in on the pattern, the next step was to get the tools and yarn. I really had a tough time hunting for the bag rings in Bangalore. Found it finally in a store on Avenue Road. After about three weeks, I finally finished the project.


  1. Evening bags make a great gift option for any woman who loves to be a cynosure. And I only know a few who wouldn't want to be.
    Evening bags

  2. Hii.. the bag is beautiful.. ! You can find lots of crochet related stuff here for next time :) - https://www.facebook.com/PradhanEmbroideryStores ... i also crochet.. kindly have a look at my page - https://www.facebook.com/nukrafts


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