iPad case

My mum’s interest in computers grew exponentially when my sister moved to the US few years back. She started using the computer everyday to interact with her. Google was her new friend now. She looked it up for recipes, crochet and knitting patterns, news and what not Very soon she pleasantly surprised us by sending FB friend request. Guess this was the time to gift her an iPad which in turn gave me my next crochet project, an “iPad case“!!!
I used cotton yarn to make this case. Found the pattern on Ravelry here .
Have customized it a bit and lined it with cotton fabric to give the iPad better protection.
Good enough to make my tech-savvy mum happy ???

Till I post again!!!


  1. Wow... Nice color and pattern..:) I wish i can learn it in knitting..

  2. Wow.. This is lovely and nice color :) I wish i can learn the pattern in knitting


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