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food & fultoo feast :-)

I always felt the days were longer in the small town in Germany than in Bangalore. You tend to get a lot of time for yourself on weekends if you have no functions to attend, no TV time(actually all time in TV time :P) etc. etc.
I had the luxury to experiment in the kitchen even on weekdays which I no longer have :(

This was the result of our dosa craving in Germany :-)

Palak Bahar

Chatpat Jhatpat!!! :-)


At the end of it all, my husband lost 6 kilos during our stay in Germany.
Give me a break!!!!!!

Europaaaa !!

As I have mentioned in my earlier posts, I have travelled a few countries in Europe :-) I would love to share some pictures :-)

Remember the disney castle!!!!
Its located in SouthWest Bavaria in Germany. To reach the castle you need to walk uphill, which was quite tiring.

A closer look.

Colourful Netherlands

Reminds me of my yarn stash, which is as colourful as this ;-)


Tuscany wine tasting :-)

Colosseum, the amphitheatre.

St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican

Venice.... Absolutely amazing :-)

Pizzaaaa love :-)