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Clutches,cozies and cases

Sometime back I had an obsession for clutches, small wallets, cases and coin purses. I made so many of them and sent their pics to my sis, that she got bored :P
I started off with another small purse and even completed it, but haven't lined it yet.It will be have to be a work in progress for sometime I guess. Why ??? Because of my new obsession , crocheted earrings :-) You can have a look at them at my Thread Crochet page.
My sister wants a pair in each type the next time she visits me :-)

Made this for my friend's mum :-)

These cute purses do make a great handmade gift for someone :-)

Made this beaded spectacle case for my mum :-) Loved the colour combination.

Made this mobile pouch for my friend :-)