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Colourful Friday

Hi Everyone,
  Yayyyyyyy!!! Its friday and I get to be at home for 2 days. I plan to sleep early and get up late, go out for lunch or dinner with my husband(its been quite sometime since we went out ) , deep clean my house (I promise I'll try ;-)), some crochet accessories shopping, post them all with lots of pics here and ofcourse crochet :-) oh god I'm talking as if I've a week off.
    I always tell myself, that I would write atleast 1 post a week. Sometimes I don't have finished projects to flaunt about and most of the times I don't find time. Never mind, I'm improving... I'm back so soon this time (just one day after my previous post ... hooorrraaahhh)

As promised in my previous post, today I'm going to show you all my new size 20 crochet thread collection. :-) My mum got a shock when she saw me buying sooooo many balls of thread. She had this "Are you sure you need SO many of them ???" expression all along as I was choosing these colour…

Radish Salad and Paneer in white sauce

Hope you all had a great Thursday and are looking forward to a wonderful weekend!
It's been quite sometime since I posted about my cooking.
Last evening I happened to return home a bit early , so I decided to make something that I don't, very often. Thanks to the Bangalore summer and the extremely annoying power cuts, 2 packets of milk got spoilt this week. I was feeling very guilty to throw such large quantities of milk and I decided to make "Paneer"(Indian cheese) out of it.  
I've been on this chapathi making spree since a few weeks, trying to avoid rice in the evenings ;-) Paneer in Tomato gravy is quite common, so I tried my hand at Paneer in white sauce.
White sauce is a very simple recipe which can be made with milk or cream and can be used with a variety of vegetables, pasta, paneer etc.

Here's the recipe for my quick side dish:
Ingredients: this is for 2 people Paneer - 15 cubes (I used home made, so not sure of the grams) Almonds, cashew and raisins…

Cool blue in the hot summer

Hi Friends,
     Hope you had a great week and are looking forward to a wonderful weekend.
Bangalore is getting hotter by the day and there's no rain relief. Its difficult to bear the heat on weekends as we're in the bad habit of AC in office everyday.
I've got a matka (earthen pot) to store drinking water at home and its so refreshing to drink that water :-)
I feel it is always better to drink the water from these pots than the chilled water from the refrigerator.   Don't you agree??

My crochet projects have been moving at a very slow pace. I do have reasons , but more on that later.
The hook case I made (see my previous post) was the first crocheted thing I made for myself. Quite J from the fact that, I've gifted everything to family and friends my husband goes like this "You've made something for everybody except me" :P
Every time I plan to make something for my dad or husband, I end up browsing the net for hours looking for projects and eventual…