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Tata Bangalore.... Hello Toronto !!!

A warm hello to all my readers. How have you all been? It feels great to write a post after having done the disappearing act. I missed visiting all my favourite blogs too. But I do have reasons for that(What??? Did I hear someone say excuses? :P) .
No excuses this time. I have been incredibly busy over the last few weeks and may be its gonna be the same for a few more to come. We were busy moving out of our old house and then packing stuff to move out of the country (you know how tiring it can be) and then busy moving into our new house. Phew!!!
Yes friends!! I have moved out of India :( :( I'm already  missing my family, friends and all the street food of Bangalore :P
We moved to Toronto.... My husband is here for his MBA and I've come along with him. Its been a few weeks since we arrived and I'm pretty much settled in my new home now. And back to sanity with internet at home.

Here's a look at our apartment in Toronto.

My living room.

Other view of my living room.