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Welcoming Winter with Woolly Warmth !!!

I have broken the record for having disappeared for the longest period and now for having come back with a new post so soon. But I guess the latter is anytime better :-)
Winter is fast approaching. The beautiful tree in front of our house with lush green leaves has gone bare. Feels like its gone into hibernation ;-)  My NIA class yesterday was also on how to stay active and yet conserve energy during winter. Wondering what Nia is ? :-) Its a fitness program which includes dance and martial arts practised with music in the background. It does make me feel calm and fit after an hour of workout :-)
The clock has already gone back an hour and it gets dark by 5 in the evening. Quite depressing as it gets, crochet comes to my rescue.

Crochet and winter go together so well. Making beanies and scarves for myself and my husband has been so much fun.

These are for me!!! Isn't the cap cute ???  errrr!!! elegant ???  ;-)

The scarf pattern is the same I used for THIS post. I'm wondering i…

A little bit of Crochet and something new!!!

Hi Firends,
      It feels so good to be back here and writing a new post.
Its been three months in Toronto now and really feels like yesterday that I was unpacking our bags. Time is just fleeting... I've been quite busy with a school going husband(yes you read it right ;-) ) and trying to learn new things. I've recently joined many groups on FB where extremely talented people have been posting their work. I had been wanting to try my hand at tatting, but lack of time in Bangalore never allowed me to experiment. But I guess this was the right time for tatting and little bit of macrame too :-)

A few motifs and bracelets I tatted :-) You can find their tutorials on youtube. As a beginner I found the instructions very easy to follow.

I made this black bracelet for a cute little girl in the neighbourhood on her birthday :-)

I added some charms to make it more girlie :-) Isn't it cute ? And it even matched the birthday girl's dress :-)

Another in progress :-)  Which of the…