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2014 in pictures!!!



After knitting a baby set, a few scarves and beanies , I feel I have graduated from skill level "beginner" to "advanced beginner".
After seeing this bunny, I was too tempted to try it. Couldn't resist buying the pattern.
After a lot of effort, here it is all ready. :-)

The tiny sweater and the trousers look so cute!! :-)

I've named him BpoBpo!! :-)
 Isn't he cute???
All the projects I have made have had minimal-to-no need for stitch markers.  I have developed this craze for colourful stitch markers of late after I saw some fancy ones on Pinterest. So I decided to make my own.

Long back I'd gone to DeSerres stores here in Toronto and and had bought some beads and stringing wire. Well, random shopping does pay off eventually. I also used a pack of beads my sister had bought for me around 2 years back. I'd asked for smaller ones for my earring fetish back then, but she'd got big ones.After roaming around all the isles of the Michaels craft sto…

More flower tunic tops!!

Well I'm back with a crafty post today. I admit I'm not very regular at posting, but I don't beat myself up over it. I'm glad I have a place of my own where I get to show and tell.
It was the first time when someone(apart from my mum and sister of course) had requested for something custom-made after seeing my crochet work. Well, my sister wants almost everything I make. :-P  and I love her for that :-)
Remember the crocheted top I made for my bestie as her wedding gift??? My cousin liked it a lot and asked me to make it for her daughters.

The elder daughter wanted it in Turquoise and the younger one likes yellow. No turquoise yarn in my stash, some yellow yarn but chunky and would make really big motifs and wouldn't suit a child's top.  Yarn shopping!!! Well, sometimes my yarn stash leaves me a wee bit dissatisfied, but never mind its still growing, but at the same husbster is groaning. :-P It's only last week that he again asked me if I will ever stop buy…