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First one for 2014 !

This being my first post of 2014, I realise that I haven't wished my readers at all. Better late than never(does this really apply to this eh??) "A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MY LOVELY READERS" :-)

Its been hectic past two weeks. Work, house hold chores and my extra curriculars have been keeping me busy. However I had to skip work for a couple of days as I was down with flu. Haven't completely got rid of the cough yet. The teeth chattering winter and the slippery roads have been making my commute to work worse. Quite tired of the snow and the gusty winds, I miss the Indian tropical weather. After a prolonged anti-biotic course, I'm quite confident that I have more than needed anti-bodies in my body to withstand this winter ;-)
 A bowl full of hot and spicy "Tomato Saaru" gives a lot of relief. Its a South Indian dish which can be eaten with rice or just as soup. I have been more regular in making this dish these days. :-)

Not having done any big project , t…