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Snow and Ice

Hope you all had a great weekend. The weather was good here and we got to see some sunshine too. But last week it was pretty bad. I have been facing internet issues for quite sometime and have decided to change my internet connection. To my bad luck the weather was bad the whole of last week and we had a lot of snow collected on the roof. The person who came to install the new connection couldn't locate the cable which was deep buried under snow.

A few pics from the heavy snow week.

This is how my office parking space looked.
I have rescheduled the appointment for this week and I hope it stays clear. So far so good. :-)
On Saturday afternoon I and my husband along with some friends visited the ice fest here. It was a very beautiful sight when we reached the place. Many sculptors were actually carving spectacular sculptures out of a boring sqauarish block of ice right in front of us. 

A beautiful piece in the making.

This was a piece where we could pose by looking through th…