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Flower tunic top

Hello Everyone,       How is your weekend coming along ? Mine is just going great with pretty good weather, favorite Indian snacks and some crochet indulgence. What more do you need to call it perfect... :-)
On weekdays, I always crave for 15 more minutes to sleep, so by Friday evening, there's a big part of me that wants to just go home and crawl into bed, but the temptation to crochet (and the feeling of not having to wake up early the next day of course) just gets the better of me. Many such weekends during the last month resulted in this.
~*~*~*~ My first ever Crochet Tunic Top ~*~*~*~

My bestie got married last month and I made this as her wedding gift. I showed it to her and she loved it :-) I'm happy happy!!! It feels great to gift something handmade as it has a personal touch. I guess it feels even better to receive one ;-) Have you received any handmade gifts on your wedding ?  After reading this post, a few other friends of mine will surely start fuming with anger a…