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Upcycled!! It's Earth Day


Yes that's what it has made me do. Wondering what could be made of empty kitchen paper towel/toilet paper rolls??

 I was browsing throught Pinterest and found some amazing designs for wall art. So there started my idea of collecting empty rolls, which gave my husband some serious doubts about my sanity. ;-)
He was quite used to the fact that I hated discarding unused stuff. But how could empty rolls look beautiful? :-D
You'll see.

Lets get started with the tutorial.
We'll need:
Many empty rolls of paper towel/toilet paper(depends on the design you want to make).
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Paint(Spray paint would be more convenient)
A pair of scissors
Wall mounting squares

Divide the roll into equal sized sections. Mark with a pencil if you can't eyeball it.

Squash the roll slightly to give it an oval shape which makes it easier to cut.

Cut out sections from all the rolls.

Then paint them. Brown was the colour I chose. If you are using spray paint…

April fools

Well, I was all set to welcome spring with these flowers.

 but today

yes it snowed. April indeed fools!!!

Well, that just cracked me up!!

Pattern to the flower is HERE .

That was my quick update and I sign off hoping for some warm weather in the coming days.
Till I post again!!