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Yayyyyy!!! I've been featured!!!

My blog post "Transformed" about my crocheted floral doily has been featured on Oombawka design crochet. this week. Super duper happy!! :-)
Check this out!!!

Friday is almost here, hang in there everybody!! Ranjitha xoxo

Blog hop!!!

I'm posting today about the "Around the world Blog hop" invitation I received from Ruth of Rose Hill Collections. Thank you so much Ruth for inviting me. :-) Ruth is a also a crocheter and a knitter. Her creations are beautiful and her speed in crocheting is what amazes me. Do visit her blog and you'll see it for yourself. :-)
Well, like a blog award this blog hop invitation comes with a few responsibilities too. I mean a few questions :-) So here I go
1. What am I working one?  Hmmm I usually have multiple projects going on, but currently the project consuming most of my time is a knitted baby set. I'm planning to make a baby vest, a beanie and a pair of booties. I'm quite new to knitting. I've knitted only scarves before this. So this is my first ever knitted baby set.  And dropped stitches are still a bit of a worry. I'm sure I'll grow more confident with time.

2. Why do I write/create what I do? Well creating is something I started because I wa…

My treasure

Can I get a couple of extra hours after coming home from office?(without compromising on sleep of course) I seem to ask myself this question quite often nowadays. I'd decided to ensure that I would post once a week, but here I am again after three weeks. Not that I haven't been creating anything, but just not posting enough. I'm knitting a baby set right now and also other smaller crochet projects.
Finally I got to lay my hands on my new knitting needles from Pony craft store. Well, that's not how the store ppl packed it, it was in a box but my mum has removed it to save some space. I ordered them online and got them delivered to my place in India. And they traveled all the way from Bangalore to Toronto with a relative and finally got to me the last weekend. 

My mum passed on her knobbed knitting needles collection to me(which she had since 20yrs or so) after my sister got her the Denise set. My mum never bought a set, but had gradually collected needles of many si…