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Handmade gifts!!

I wanted to carry some handmade gifts with me for my sister while travelling to the US. She loves all my crocheted/knitted stuff.
She likes decorating her house and is very interested in changing home decor. she would be the first one to notice if the sofa needs new covers or the curtains need to be changed at out home in India. 
Even after she moved to the US, she would shop for stuff for my mum's place. I remember this incident a few years ago; when she was out shopping for curtains (in the US) for our home in India  and wasn't sure of the measurements. Apparently she'd found this curtain set which perfectly matched our home decor. While it was 2AM for me in India, she called me on my cell and begged me to measure all the doors and windows. Yes that's how stoked she is about home decor. :-)
So I felt handmade stuff would be an ideal gift for her. 
Last spring I'd crocheted these dahlia flowers. I made many more of them and took them for her.

Remember this crochet…