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Itch to stitch

I've been looking for sewing projects ever since I bought my sewing machine.
Remember this sling purse I made long back.

 I had been using this every single day and it was quite worn out. so felt the need for another one. I have been crocheting one but also found this amazing inspriration on Pinterest, which would also satisfy my itch to stitch  :-)
This pair of jeans was old and ready to be discarded, but I decided otherwise. I chose to upcycle it and make it usable.
It's no secret that my sewing skills are rudimentary. So I prefer experimenting with waste fabric. And hence my upcycled jeans sling bag was born!! (Hubster is safeguarding all his jeans, as he feels they might be in danger with ideas floating in my mind) Hehehe

I first cut out the piece of fabric from the jeans.  thought of reusing the zipper but it was a low waist jeans , hence the zipper was too short to be reused. so dropped the idea.

Pinned one side to make the base of the bag.

Sewed along the pinned edge.


Off to the US and back!!

Heyyyy there!!!! I'm back after a vacation in the USofA. For the past three months my husband was in San Diego on work. While he was there, soaking up the California sun, I was sulking in this Canadian summer, wearing hoodies and carrying umbrella everywhere. At the end of three months, we planned to visit my sister. I managed to get one week off from work for a short vacation. Since I'd never been to my sister's place before, this was the perfect time.
This post will have a lot of pics and I'm quite a story teller. so you might wanna join me with that cuppa. :-)
I traveled from Toronto to Denver and my husband came from San Diego. We both landed on Saturday at the same time ;-) My sister and bil had come to pick us up and that day it was pretty much lazing around and eating yummy food cooked by my sis.
On Sunday, we visited the Rocky Mountain National park. The weather was pleasant when we left , but got chilly as we drove higher to the top of the mountain (stating…