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Crochet granny square afghan

Having a long commute to work can sometimes get mundane and even irritating when its cold. Heavy snow can just make it longer. Initially I used to doze off in the subway . But this got more difficult(for me) and super funny(for others) a couple of times when I missed my stop and continued till a few stops ahead. :-( Well, soon I decided to crochet/knit instead.
Crochet while traveling does draw attention. Sometimes people tend to just stare at your work while others (many time fellow crafters) have even complimented me on the design or the shade of colour I was using. I totally enjoy my crochet time in the subway. Since that is the only time I get to crochet on weekdays, I actually look forward to the subway journey now :-P
So why am I telling you all this, it will make more sense now. Our couch looked plain making the whole living room dull. So I decided to spruce it up with something bright and cheerful and thus got the idea for a sofa afghan. The sofa afghan was majorly crocheted …