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Off to the West Coast!!!

If you have read my last post, you would be aware that we moved again. Yes and this time it's from Toronto to Vancouver. It was two years ago when I wrote a post about moving to Toronto and can't believe I'm already out of Toronto. Although I don't want to sound clich├ęd , time flies.
Anyway I'm excited about Vancouver and the last few weeks here have been great. It actually feels a lot like my hometown in India, pleasant days, cooler evenings, slightly chilly nights.  Toronto is bombarded with snow, so much that I had come to hate it. But it very rarely snows here, which makes me feel I might actually miss it. Does this happen to you too or is it only me?? The weather is just awesome for now. I hear it rains quite a lot in the winters, so I'll reserve the judgement ;-)
In the past few weeks, We have been visiting a few touristy spots in Vancouver. After 2 long hectic years in Toronto , this is a welcome break for both of us.  Along with a few friends we visite…