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Baby Goodies!! - Part 1

I know I've been MIA for quite sometime now. I took my time to settle after we moved. But I have been doing some crafty work in the background. To be specific I have been making a lot of stuff for a new member in our family. The new member is a cute little girl who has made me an aunt now!! :-)
Every minute of this crafty journey has been pure bliss. The inspiration to make these came from the pleasure to see them being used.
It's this unexplainable feeling with ideas constantly floating in your mind about making something for a person you have never met,seen, or  heard from. And still continue to think what more to make and striving towards  making it your best creation.  Well, this sums up my feelings/thoughts for the past 8 months. :-)
I think it's time to share some photos. 

A crib blanket was the first project I started. With no specific reason, I decided to knit and not crochet. This has been my biggest knitting project till now.
It grew in size by the day. Patience…