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This and that!

After making a lot of baby goodies, I'm taking a short break from baby crochet.  A couple of weeks back I hosted a baby shower for a friend. We both moved from Toronto to Vancouver together. :-) And since she is in her seventh month of pregnancy, I thought this was the perfect time for the baby shower. It was a surprise for the mommy to be.
We ordered a cake and visited Michaels for some party supplies. I bought some blue balloons, baby shower labels and stickers, alphabet stickers and decorative ribbons. Quite surprisingly I couldn't find "Mommy to be" sash. So I decided to make it myself.

I has to use some fabric glue, in addition to the glue on the stickers as it wasn't strong enough to stick to the sash. 

With some extra stickers and some satin ribbon left, I made another label. Just for fun. I stuck it to the wall.

Of course some blue balloons and the baby shower label :-)