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Baby Goodies - Part 2

Hey there! I'm back with my second post on the various baby goodies I made for my cute little niece.
This is a ripple blanket which I made for her stroller. I felt the bright carrot orange shade will be perfect for a baby's blanket.  :-)

This was not planned initially, but when I found this amazing toy on Pinterest, I couldn't resist making it. It's so colourful and soft.

I feel it might be a bit big for my niece right now. But I'm sure she'll enjoy playing it with it soon. :-)

Because I found it very big for her , I made another ball which is perfect for her to play with now :-) Yes another amish puzzle ball. They are so cute. Assembling them is the best part.

This cannot be disassembled like the flower amish puzzle ball. I have sewn it completely. I feel the grooves between the wedges is perfect for a baby to hold while playing.

How could I not make a flower headband when I was having a niece. Baby girls looks so cute with headbands :-)

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