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My first quilt !!

I have been missing from the blogland for quite sometime. I took a few weeks off and visited my sister and my cute little niece. I hadn't seen her since she was born. So this was a long awaited trip. I had seen her on skype everyday since the day she was born, but the feeling when I held her for the first time in my arms was just un-explainable. It was the awesome-est feeling on earth. She looked quite big on skype but in real she was actually quite tiny. she was like this cuddly bundle of joy which I never felt like putting down. :-) 
I was visiting her for the first time, and how could I go empty handed. I had made a lot of crocheted stuff for her. So this time I decided to do something different. And my first quilt was born. :-)  Yes I tried my hands at quilting. It'd been more than a year since I bought my sewing machine, and I had used it only for the cushion cover I made and some alternation work. I had been putting off quilting for quite a while now as I didn't hav…